upright bass with frets

Binder Upright Fretted Bass

The Upright Bass you already know how to play

What's the deal with Your Pickup?

Selecting our pickup was difficult. We looked at everything that was out there. We tried piezo pickups mounted on the bridge and on the bass's F-hole. Piezo pickups can pack a punch but they alter the sound of the bass and quite frankly they sounded thin and looked ugly.

We played around with a number of magnetic pickups but due to the varied height of the strings due to of the radius of the neck, we just couldn't get an even sound. We looked at just about everything available in the market. We even tried winding our own pickups. Close, but no cigar.

A little thinking outside the box, brought us to what has become a very powerful magnetic pickup located thru the rear of the bass that picks up both the sound and the vibration of the entire instrument. The sound is so accurate that it doesn't take much volume to cut thru the mix because the acoustic sound and amplified sound match up so nicely. With a discret side jack, only another musician will notice you are amplified.

Get Accurate Sound for only $1099.00 plus shipping

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