upright bass with frets

Binder Upright Fretted Bass

The Upright Bass you already know how to play

Why a Half Size Bass

Picking a bass size was probably the hardest decision to make. There are 4 sizes of double basses we could have used. The 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, and the 1/4.

Since our bass is really a gigging instrument, we eliminated the 4/4 because it's huge and most upright players no longer use it.

This brought us to the 3/4 bass. We did an acoustical testing between the 3/4 and 1/2. Yes there was some difference in the depth of sound but not as much as we thought it might be. That, combined with the ease of handling of the 1/2 bass (about 5 inches shorter), made it an easy choice.

Then we compared the 1/2 to the 1/4 bass and that's where things got tricky. A 1/4 bass with a spruce top doesn't sound too bad until you compare it to a 1/2. Acoustically the 1/2 sounded much better and since our goal was to make a bass that sounded good acoustically as well as amplified, the 1/2 bass was our only choice.

One word keeps popping up when we show it to musicians; "Awesome!".
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